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Fattoria le Case is the perfect destination for those who are looking to organise private retreats and special events. With its 2 villas (part of the same Estate), numerous apartments, a private chapel, common indoor spaces like the old cellars and spacious outdoor spaces, Fattoria le Case Estate can accommodate more than 50 guests.

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The variety of accommodation types, the spacious outdoor open spaces and the private chapel make Fattoria le Case the ideal destination for organising a retreat or special events.

At Fattoria le Case we offer the possibility to host retreats and private ceremonies and events. Guests can stay in our apartments or in the 2 Villas, part of the same estate. We are able to host more than 50 guests including sleeping arrangements. The Agriturismo offers also bigger indoor environments, like the old cellars of the estate, turned into beautiful indoor extra spaces, where a group of guests can have meals altogether, or having video shows etc. The private chapel makes it even more perfect for religious ceremonies like weddings or special anniversaries.

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Wedding planner also available on request. For more info please get in touch

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Private events

Event planning service also available on request. For more info please get in touch

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